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Empowering children to reach their full communication potential

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At Aurora Speech Pathology Services, our vision is empowering all children to reach their full communication potential. Through the creation of individualised programs, designed to encourage confidence, we deliver holistic therapy experiences that draw upon current evidence-based practices.


In collaboration with families, educators and allied health professionals, our mission is to provide a fun and supportive environment as the foundation for childhood communication development. It is our philosophy that a supportive community provides the best opportunity for learned skills to be integrated into everyday routines.

Our Specialties

We are dedicated to assisting children and adolescents in the following areas:

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Phonological Awareness and Literacy issues

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Early Language Development

  • Stuttering issues

  • Feeding Difficulties

We are looking for Speech Pathologists

Be part of a committed, growing team of speech pathologists and allied health assistants wanting to change the lives of children through better communication.  Opportunities for new grad and experienced speech pathologists exist, with above award salary rates, graduate mentoring program and leadership training to further your career development.

Join Our Team!
Team Talk
Our Services

We believe families should play an active role in intervention, as much of a child’s learning will happen outside the clinic environment, during their everyday experiences.

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Child In Speech Therapy
Child at Psychologist

Enquiry Consultations



Want a Quick Chat?

Our Enquiry Consultations offer parents a chance to discuss their child’s case history, developmental concerns, and assessment expectations, whilst providing an opportunity for the parent and therapist to meet before booking an Initial Consultation. The Enquiry Consultation fee is refundable upon subsequent booking and completion of an Initial Consultation. Available in clinic, out of clinic, or via Telehealth.

What's the best path?

Assessments are an important part in determining the best path to support a child's well-being. Conducting an assessment enables a speech pathologist to problem solve why a child is experiencing difficulties, and create a plan with individualised goals. Assessments can be an integral part of the diagnostic process of disorders such as ASD, specific language impairment, or dyslexia. Available in clinic, out of clinic, or via Telehealth.

Let's get to it!

Therapy can often be the foundation for a child in overcoming their speech, language and communication difficulties. It provides an opportunity for children to learn new skills and develop the confidence associated with improved communication. With assistance from families and carers, therapy is a collaborative process that ensures children receive the practice needed to improve upon targeted, individualised communication goals. 

Government Funding

NDIS and other Government Initiatives

Aurora Speech Pathology Services is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and can help families navigate their way through the funding regulations, prepare for NDIS planning meetings and provide guidance through the application process.

Some families are eligible to claim speech pathology services through other government initiatives. Access to these initiatives is through your GP or Paediatrician.

We can facilitate Government Funding through the following initiatives:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • Chronic Disease Management Plan

Private Health Funds

Families with Private Health Insurance can also claim a rebate if they have Speech Pathology as part of their listed ‘extras’ coverage. Please check with your Private Health fund to see if your family are eligible to claim.

School Children

Processing Rebates

Aurora Speech Pathology Services can process Medicare and Private Health fund rebates on the spot, leaving families with only a ‘gap’ payment required for our services.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any rebate options available to your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like to know more about our services, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us

In-Clinic attendance varies, please call to make an appointment

Opening Hours

Tue - Thurs: 8.30am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 9am - 3pm
​Sunday: Closed

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