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In Clinic, Out of Clinic and Telehealth Services Available

We believe families should play an active role in intervention, as much of a child’s learning will happen outside the clinic environment, during their everyday experiences.

Girl in Classroom

Enquiry Consultation

Want a quick chat?

Our Enquiry Consultations offer parents a chance to discuss their child’s case history, developmental concerns, and assessment expectations, whilst providing an opportunity for the parent and therapist to meet before booking an Initial Consultation. The Enquiry Consultation fee is refundable upon subsequent booking and completion of an Initial Consultation. Available in clinic, or as an out of clinic service.

Child In Speech Therapy


What's the best path?

Assessments are an important part in determining the best path to support a child's well-being. Conducting an assessment enables a speech pathologist to problem solve why a child is experiencing difficulties, and create a plan with individualised goals. Assessments can be an integral part of the diagnostic process of disorders such as ASD, specific language impairment, or dyslexia. Available in clinic, or as an out of clinic service.

Child at speech therapy


Let's get to it!

Therapy can often be the foundation for a child in overcoming their speech, language and communication difficulties. It provides an opportunity for children to learn new skills and develop the confidence associated with improved communication. With assistance from families and carers, therapy is a collaborative process that ensures children receive the practice needed to improve upon targeted, individualised communication goals.

Distance Learning


It's here to stay!

Supporting families achieve their assessment and therapy goals.  Whether you are trying to fit speech therapy into your busy lives, live remotely, or find your child engages better on a screen, we offer catered telehealth services to help meet your child reach their speech and communication goals.

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