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Managing screen time

Managing screen time is something on most parents’ radar particularly as children get older and much of their schooling is completed on devices. Screens offer a wealth of information and educational opportunities, but they can also cause problems when children spend hours and hours alone on a device. Too much screen time can limit their opportunities for other experiences, interrupt opportunities to interact with others, and impact mood and behaviour.

Sue Larkey, parenting and ASD expert, recommends encouraging you to talk to your child about managing their screen time and then helping them put their plan into place.

You can do this my starting the conversation about what makes a healthy brain and developing a healthy brain diet. Sue Larkey has even put together A Healthy Brain Diet visuals for you to look at with your child and select a range of activities to ensure they have a healthy balance of physical activity, nutrition as well as of course, screen time!

The eSafety Commissioner website has another great article with resources for parents around managing their child's screen time. It includes handy tips about signs to watch out for, what to do if you are concerned, and how to set boundaries for device use in your home. One key point is to set a positive example by reducing your own screen time – a good reminder for all of us!


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